About Us

Being a social enterprise, we are involved in conducting trainings and introducing Pakistani women to computer based work. We believe that the high rate of unemployment, particularly among women in Pakistan, could be overcome through promoting the education in the field of digital work.

WDL is Certified

WDL is certified by Thunderbird School’s Project Artemis and Goldman Sachs’ 10k women program

WDL is Recognized

It is recognized by Google and Punjab Innovation Fund as a success story in creating digital livelihood

WDL is Finalist

It was a finalist in the GIST I Dare biz plan competition and Ashoka Changemakers’ Women Powering Work comp

WDL is Award Winner

It is an award winner for Ashoka Changemakers’ Women Powering Work Competition


Maria is Thought Leader for Changemakers.

WDL is Featured

It has been featured on numerous well known platforms such as Mashable, Forbes, Ashoka, Muftah, Express Tribune, Dawn, Elan and many more.

The Role We Play !

This is a realistic opportunity for the individuals to enter a process which leads to the realization of their passion for self-empowerment, and a respectable place in the society. This is only possible if sufficient exposure towards digital arena is provided to them. We believe that we can contribute positively in the growth of the overall economy by engaging the most under-utilized, but talented workforce of the society. This could be achieved by effective educational programmes and trainings in collaboration with educational institutions around the country. In view of the socioeconomic needs of the country, WDL has taken upon the responsibility to create an atmosphere whereby women workers will get an opportunity to work side by side with their male counterparts for the socioeconomic development of the country. It will require intervention at a level where women see it as a primary employment opportunity rather than an alternative employment option. We intend to change the traditional mind-set by encouraging women to step into the practical life during their college & university days. In this way they could start earning their livelihood and be self-sufficient in taking care of their educational and other expenses resulting in a strong sense of pride and self-esteem.

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