Our Approach

CEMT has adopted an approach to create and support Women community by offering services at different levels, including.

Creating awareness through

  1. Information sessions and seminars at academic institution
  2. Promoting through TV, Radio and Social Media etc.

Capacity building through

  1. Training of faculty members of colleges and universities
  2. Training students at universities
  3. Organize training programs graduates who would like to work from home.
  4. Conducting research on problems of working women in Pakistan.

Encourage WDL related activities by

  1. Recognizing and honouring women working in the digital space

Create support centre/s for

  1. Ongoing training activities for trainers and trainees.
  2. Consultancy services for organization on how to integrate with WDL efforts.
  3. Training and development of Government Sector and NGOs
  4. Networking with NGOs, Government Sector Organizations and other organizations within Pakistan and abroad
  5. Organizing conferences, workshops, seminars etc
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