Our Vision


WDL aims to empower Pakistani women through capacity building, skill development and training in digital work. By tapping into this high potential, under-utilized workforce, WDL envisions an economic and social revolution at the grassroots level. We strongly believe that educating and investing in a woman is the best and fastest way to bring about effective and sustainable development.

The training at WDL will not be solely focused on skill building. It will have an additional objective of creating value among the women by providing them with solutions to the challenges which they will face while creating self-employment. It will assist in promoting the culture of self-empowerment, and helping them understand that a dramatic change of mindset is required for a better and prosperous lifestyle for the women in Pakistan.

Social & Economic Development

To create opportunities of education and work for the educated women of Pakistan.

Independent Womens

To inculcate among women that employment, job and work opportunities can be pursued at the time of education and from their homes for becoming a contributing member of their families.

Professional Development

To groom our trainees in a manner that they are ready to face the challenges of working in the professional and especially in the digital world.