Our Story

A Humble Start

Maria is the visionary founder of Women’s Digital League who got into business by sheer chance. WDL began its humble operations in 2009 from a desktop computer in her bedroom. The school she had been teaching at for more than three years was reluctant to offer maternity leave. At 29 years old and expecting her second child she realized she wanted more. During her research for work options available for women, she came across digital freelancing. She saw the opportunity and decided to pursue it. Over the years she had realized how women would lose out on work opportunities all the time. Due to women being primary caretakers, juggling between home and work especially under societal pressures and set roles; working full-time almost becomes impossible. She knew there had to be a solution to this challenge. Though changing perceptions was a long process, she knew she had to start somewhere and that’s how WDL came into being.

"Now it’s our commitment to work hard every day to ensure women are fearless and truly financially empowered”

Amazing Power of Digital Technology

While exploring career options, she came across multiple digital freelancing portals. These platforms offered flexible work hours in a variety of specialized categories allowing women to build non-conventional careers. With her constant efforts, digital freelancing proved to be  a turning point for her after being laid off from her previous job. She then made a conscious decision to improve the livelihood of other women who were on the same journey and were finding it hard to fit a career in their lifestyle. Started off by connecting clients to a pool of talented women, WDL is now a safe space where women can learn, exercise and execute their digital skills in order to become more self-sufficient to earn a living. Though we’re still growing, we will always stay true to our roots by creating a better and financially secure world for women.