Project | Peace Runway - Hollings Center for International Dialogue

Hollings Center for International Dialogue is a non-profit dedicated to promoting dialogues between the United States and muslim-majority countries. The idea for this project was conceived during a three day conference between journalists, civil society members and entrepreneurs from Pakistan and Afghanistan held in Istanbul in May 2018. Afghan-Pakistani relationship is underpinned by shared history, language, ethnicity, and culture that predate the establishment of borders between these two nations. Due to the rising tension between the two neighboring countries and to contribute to the people-to-people ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan, “Project Peace Runway” was launched. The fashion show held in November 2018 in Lahore was an effort to share the harmony in diversity and the beauty in similarities. A delegation from Afghanistan comprising entrepreneurs, journalists and civil society was present at the event. Members of Chamber of Commerce and Industries, donors, politicians, journalists and various other important personnel attended the event.

  • Focus Area: Advocacy