WDL is a virtual firm providing digital services to clients, proudly owned and powered by Pakistani women. It is working for economic development of the country by mobilizing a vast dormant workforce which is either discouraged from working outside or has trouble finding work opportunities.

There is a huge dormant workforce comprising of educated, skilled women who for various reasons cannot work outside their homes. Women make up 50% of Pakistan’s population and 59% of them between the age of 18 and 27 are educated. Girls in remote areas are given education by NGOs but they don’t have work opportunities and hence not enough incentive to study.

WDL’s focus is on:

– Women in rural areas without the necessary infrastructure or training to do digital tasks

– Women in urban areas discouraged from working outside or too busy with family lives to have full time careers

The first tier works out of IT Centers in their villages on data entry and data conversion tasks. These women are trained by WDL and partnering organizations. These NGOs or Not-For-Profits have a long history of working with these communities making it easier to persuade male members to allow women to work out of the IT Centers operated by them.

Second tier joins WDL’s online portal where they can work on advance tasks like wordpress, writing, graphic designing etc for which they are screened and tested by WDL.

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